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Avaya Communications was created in October 2000 as a spin-off of the telephone business division of Lucent Technologies. The company started out with 34,000 employees as well as $400 million in capital from Warburg Pincus. The company today has offices located in over 145 countries worldwide with its main headquarters located on Great American Parkway in Santa Clara, Ca. In September 2009 Avaya paid $900 million to acquire certain assets related to Nortels Enterprise Voice and Data business technology. In the 1st quarter of 2010 Avaya generated a relationship with LG-Nortel to continue doing business.
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The Norstar Door opening controller is a wonderful design. When equipped with a door phone it has many options. It was built to help companies with simplicity for many things that are needed in the office. The Norstar door opening controller will allow an employee to unlock electric doors in the building. All they would need to do is press the open soft key display button or a dial pad digit that is located on their Norstar telephone set. This door opening controller is state of the art design that has many different functions besides opening doors. The door opening controller can also enable electronic devices that can be controlled through contact closure, which are 3rd party supplied. Also with the dial pad digit commands from your Norstar telephone it will allow an employee to remotely activate the alarm systems in the building. It can also control the surveillance cameras, the office lights as well as many other options. The door phone can communicate with up to 12 door opening controllers. This gives the employee control of up to 12 electrical devices through the telephone key pad. Another unique feature is the part number NT8B79, this helps to find the right item for purchase.
The Norstar Door Phone is a worthy investment for all offices. It will allow an employee in the office to speak directly with any visitors outside of the building prior to them entering the building. It does allow for a 2 way conversation between the door phones that is located outside with the Norstar phone at the employee’s desk. So when a visitor comes to your office door they would press the call button. Then your designated Norstar phone system would ring in the office, then you would either pick up the headset or press speaker phone and begin a conversation. This exceptional model can easily be installed and programmed like any other Norstar phone in your office.

Another fantastic feature is that the door phone can be installed up to 2600 feet away from the main system with optional Secondary Auxiliary Power Supply. It does require 1 unused station port for connection. This phone can ring 1 or multiple call stations to notify you there is someone at the door. This phone also can be used in conjunction with a DOC (door opening controller) to let you open the door from your desk. Some other stellar features are that it can be answered by voicemail if needed. You can install up to 4 door phones per system compatible with all releases.

These phones do come in 2 exquisite colors brass or stainless steel. You can get them with waterproof face plates if needed. To make sure you are purchasing the right product it comes with a unique part number NTAB1223 to easily identify the item.

With Avaya acquiring the assets from Nortel it has made Avaya the global leader in enterprise communications systems. This addition will increase their global scale, expand their channel partner network, and strengthen their world class portfolio of products and services. This was a very strategic opportunity to acquire talent and complementary assets to put them in position to combine company growth and success. Avaya is committed to protecting all the communication investments of all the customers of Avaya as well as Nortel. They want to effectively execute the integration of Nortel Enterprise Solutions and Avaya.

Just like Nortel, Avaya has its very own unique style of business phones that will meet as well far exceed expectation. They offer probably the widest selection of desktop phones on the market. They created a Digital phone as well as an IP phone. Some of the platforms of the IP phone series they have designed and built are the 9600 Series IP phones. This series of marvelous phones were designed to maximize speed and productivity. There are 7 different models of IP phones with in this series. The 9601 is a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Desk phone. This phone can only be used with SIP VOIP systems. The 9608 and 9608G IP phones are an 8 line telephone that has a directory as well speed dial functions. It also comes with a monochrome display and 4 programmable keys. The 9608G has the same features except that the “G” suffix indicates that this model has gigabit Ethernet interfaces. The 9611G IP phone can support up to 8 lines. It also comes with a 3.5 inch color display. The device also has a built in gigabit Ethernet switch that will allow your PC to connect to the network through the phone.

The 9621G IP phone is a multi line phone that also comes with a 4.3 inch color screen. The 9641G IP phone is a multi line phone just like the 9621G only difference is this model comes with a 4.7 inch screen. Both phones come with a built in gigabit Ethernet switch that lets your PC connect and network through your phone. The 9650 IP phone was more designed as a receptionist’s style phone. It can also be used by anyone who manages large volumes of calls.

Another magnificent series is the 1600 Series IP phones. In this series there are 5 different models to choose from. The 1603 IP phone supports up to 3 lines of communication. This model comes with some very basic features. It is an excellent phone for companies with low call volume. The 1603 SW IP phone comes with a lot of the standard 1603 features, only difference between the 2 is this model has an extra 10/100 Ethernet port for a co-located laptop or PC.

The 1608 IP Phone is another moderate design, it can support up to 8 lines of communications. Like the others in the 1600 series it comes with some basic features, with a few additions like a headset jack. This model does also come with an extra 10/100 Ethernet port like the 1603 SW. The 1616 IP phone can support 16 lines as well it was designed for companies that monitor their own extensions in addition to other lines. It does come with a display with an adjustable hinge.

The 1100 Series IP phone has 5 different options with this series as well it has an Expansion Module to maximize this phone series options. The 1110 IP phone will support a single line of business communication. It has some basic features along with a 143 by 32 pixels display. This phone was designed for uses like a lobby or conference center location. The 1120E design can support up to 4 lines of communication. It like most of the 1100 series has some basic features. This model does have a few extras like blue tooth capability along with a USB port. The display on this model is 240 by 160 pixels. The 1140E is a multi line phone with many of the standard features but also is a VPN capable phone. The 1150E much like the 1140E is a multi line phone that can support up to 12 lines of communication. They both have many fixed keys along with plenty of programmable keys. Both are outstanding options for mid to high company call volume. The 1165E is the flagship of the 1100 series phones. This phone can support up to 16 lines of talk through the UNIStim or SIP protocols. The 1165E carries the largest display of them all with a 320 by 240 LCD display.

The 1200 Series was designed for the mid market business, and has 3 different options along with an Expansion Module as well. The 1210 IP phone is a basic single line standard level desk-top phone. It’s a great choice for the common areas in the building such as break rooms or lobbies. The 1220 IP phone is a multi line phone designed for the intermediate level call volume office. This model comes with some extra features that the 1210 doesn’t have. The 1230 IP phone is the premium phone of the 1200 series. It is a multi line phone that comes pre-programmed with key features that would help any high call volume office succeed.

When it comes to their Digital Series of phones they started with the 1400 Series there are 3 fantastic models in this series that can suit any office environment. The 1403 Digital phone is a single line low call volume phone. It was designed ideally to be used in common office area settings. Few examples are stockroom areas, lobbies or even a drop in desk. The 1408 Digital phone is multi line phone designed for your light to moderate everyday offices. The 1416 Digital phone is a multi line phone that was built for companies with him call volume. It comes with a little bigger display than the other 2 models in this series. It can support up to 3 32 button expansion modules if needed.

Then they have the 9400 and 9500 series each of which have 2 different models. The 9404 Digital phone can support up to 4 lines of talk. This model is excellent for offices with small to medium call volume. It comes with many outstanding features. Along with a unique stand design that allows the phone to lay flat on the desk or sit up right to make for easy use. The 9408 Digital phone has many of the same features as the 9404. This model can support up to 8 lines of talk and was designed for medium to high call volume offices as well it has a slightly bigger display. The 9504 Digital phone was designed to support up to 4 lines of communication. It was built for the small to medium size office environment. The 9508 Digital phone was designed to support up to 8 lines of communication. It was built for the medium to high call volume offices. Like the other 9000 series phones these also come with that unique design that lets the phone stand up tall or lay flat on the desk.

The 7000 series is another splendid digital phone it has 4 different options in this class. The 7000 Digital is a basic entry level phone perfect for a basic office environment. The 7100 Digital is a single line phone that comes with standard Avaya features. The 7208 Digital is a multi line office phone perfect for the slow to moderate office call volume. It does come with standard features as well comes with a visual display. The 7316E is top of the class for the 7000 series it is a full featured as well as expandable multi line phone.

One other remarkable digital series is the 3900 series there were 4 options created in this series. The 3901 Digital is the basic model for this series it’s just a single line phone mainly for low call volume areas. The 3902 Digital is also a single line phone, but it has a few more features than the 3901 as well it comes with a visual display. The 3904 Digital is a multi line phone that can support up to 12 lines of communication. This is the flag ship model for this series it comes with the largest display in its class along with some other top shelf features Avaya offers. The 3905 is a multi line phone mainly designed for very high call volume environments. It does come standard with many features as like the other models in the 3900 series.

Every single one of these phones is superbly built with excellent design features. All of them have different features as well as options depending on the phone. The feature keys are well placed for simplicity when being used. Many of them come with outstanding Liquid Crystal Displays for viewing inbound as well outbound calls. There are some soft keys on many of these models right next to the display for extra features. Some come with cluster keys to help navigate through the applications on the phone to maximize the employee experience. All of the phones come with a fantastic base or stand, as well a lot of these phones can even be wall mounted. Some even have built in light indicators to let you know of waiting messages or incoming calls.